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Professional software development and recruiting company

Our software development facilities are located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our team consists of such professionals as software engineers, developers, scientists and it recruiters with rich experience in various technical domains. We successfully combine our team spirit, mutual support, creative thinking, and our dedication to delivering the most efficient custom software solutions. We are committed to providing our clients with exceptional services.


To deliver high-quality specialists to our clients.
Easy. Fast. Effective.

Stas Shihov, CEO ITExpert.

Some facts in numbers

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Principles that Guide Us


ITExpert's team is responsible for the highest quality of services, practicability and efficiency of the decisions of those obligations.


We are committed to the professional performance of our obligations, based on a profound knowledge and understanding of the software development and recruiting process, rich experience, and compliance with safety.


We are dedicated to client satisfaction and strive to build long-term relationships with them. So, we provide close communication and customer support through the whole process of recruitment.


The ITExpert's basic principles are the effective distribution of material and time resources for customers' projects. We are aimed at making meaningful and practical decisions, leading us to the development of ideal products.

Our Team

Our team is our proud. Each of the team members are dedicated to delivery the best results to you.

Stas Shihov | CEO

Nick Kliestov | CTO

Igor Shihov | HRD