Why have employers to motivate and engage people in working activities? Statistics won’t lie: 71% of top-managers and executives believe that employee engagement strongly affects the company's success. Numbers say that companies with the high engagement of their employees

Scary statistics go around the network: all vacancies are put on hold, employees are transferred to the “holidays” at their own expense, and all processes are stopped for some companies. We opposed the general panic and collected

«Deloitte» in Ukraine (next - «Deloitte») - is an audit and consulting company, that has been included in the "Fortune 500" list for the 20th time and keeps its position in The Big Four. Furthermore, the company

Business - is people. You might be a genius boss, but in any way, the growth and development of your company depend on many aspects. And the main aspect - is talented employees. The world leaders know

There's one simple truth, that every self-respective recruiter should grasp: the market is focused on the employee. This concept makes recruiters invent new ways to engage employees in the company. And it's not about how to present

Staff assessment is an important part of HR management in an IT company. We have already told you about onboarding new hires, so after this period is over, managers need to evaluate their success. Why do companies

Remote work becomes more popular with the expansion of technology and the penetration of the Internet to all the spheres of our life. It’s quite common that IT specialists can work from home and earn as much

We have already connected the dots on channels and ways of communicating with development teams to make the process smooth and effective. You might be wondering what styles do IT people prefer. This is the right question

If you have ever worked with IT specialists, you might be aware that their flow of thoughts is different from one of salespeople or marketers, or even yours! If you haven’t ever closely cooperated with developers and