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Executive search is a technique used when hiring for CEO, CTO, head of engineering, and other top-level positions. In the IT field, executive search can be particularly challenging. The candidate pool is significantly narrower, requiring recruiters to possess exceptional technical expertise and the ability to engage and attract highly skilled professionals.

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Mykola Kliestov
CTO at ITExpert

“Executive search presents a unique challenge for IT recruiters and hiring agencies. Companies that are looking for technical directors can typically be classified into two categories:

  • Businesses with sufficient expertise in the field that wish to expand into a new branch (an architect corresponding to certain requirements is needed). In such cases, the agency must have a hot candidate database and understand the client’s processes as well as vacancy specifics. The requirements for such positions are quite high, and the talent market is limited. Therefore, it is crucial to select the most relevant CVs or propose solutions for expanding the candidate pipeline without compromising their skills.
  • Technical teams that are still being formed, and someone is partially filling the role of CTO. In these situations, the company may not have a clear candidate profile and may be unaware of certain position requirements. For executive search agencies, this request is more complex as they need to offer technical solutions and a hiring approach while considering the available market capacity. Not every recruitment professional can handle this challenge.”

Executive search: what specialists can we help you recruit?

We can assist you in the search for Chief Technology Officers, Chief Information Officers, heads and VPs of engineering, Chief of Product, Chief Marketing Officers, and other positions.

ITExpert has experience searching for CTOs in the UAE (as part of international executive search), Heads of Technical Offices for gambling companies, and architects for international banks and non-IT companies. We will analyze the specifics of your vacancy and the position requirements and present you with the best candidates!

How does the executive search method work?

What does executive search mean in practice? When it comes to hiring C-level executives, it’s not enough to simply find any top manager and offer them a job. Companies often seek such professionals to tackle specific tasks and unique challenges.

Here’s how the executive recruitment approach works: Imagine that you need a CTO for a GameDev project. Typically, developers don’t explicitly mention “I developed games” in their resumes, and it can be challenging to get applications from such specialists. You need to find them with the help of donor companies, make them interested in the offer, and conduct a specific HR screening. This screening helps ensure that the candidate can make architectural decisions in this domain.

Executive search technology can also be used in other ways. Suppose you’re a bank undergoing digitalization and looking for data architects to assist with the process. The position requirements will involve data-driven approaches and experience in building data teams. The recruiter needs to filter the candidates not only based on their current position title but also on technical markers. In this case, these markers might include knowledge of Kafka, data streams for building data pipelines, and working with data lakes, which serve as indications of experience with modern banking solutions. Not every executive search agency will successfully fill such a vacancy.

In addition to the right technical requirements and meticulous candidate screening, it’s also necessary to create a personalized offer, quickly organize the recruitment process, and be flexible in discussing salary and other benefits. That’s why executive search and headhunting are often perceived as similar approaches.

Benefits of executive search with ITExpert

Our recruiters at ITExpert thoroughly analyze technical requirements, find candidates for even the most complex IT managerial positions, and excel at attracting professionals through the executive search recruitment process!


CTO on our team, who can help analyze the position requirements and tailor the search to ensure you receive only relevant CVs.

Quick results. We understand the urgency of hiring top talent. We will show you the first resumes 3-5 days after the start of the search.

Market experience. With our extensive experience in IT recruitment since 2015, we have successfully filled vacancies with diverse technology requirements, tasks, and areas of expertise. We will find the best solution for your company.

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