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Features of IT headhunting: how to select IT staff

Let’s start with the basics: what is headhunting, how does it work, and what methods should be used?

Usually, headhunting is a request to lure a specialist from a particular company. It is used when, for example, you want to have a developer with unique expertise and a specific skill set on your team and you know that such a specialist currently works for another company. You can’t just hire them. All headhunting methods are aimed at getting a cold candidate interested and “inspiring” him or her to work on your team.

The basics of headhunting include the following points:

  • Competitor analysis: where the candidates you need work, and what distinguishes those companies.
  • Identifying the job offer’s strengths: how your offer stands out from others and why the candidate should consider it.
  • Searching for communication channels with the candidates through niche resources.
  • Developing a personalized offer: what might be of interest to this specific specialist, and how to stand out among other job openings.

When it comes to the market of potential candidates, IT headhunters typically stay on top of things. They keep track of events where they can meet the required developers, invite them to an additional meeting, arrange a taxi so that the candidate agrees to meet the team in the office, and devise an “extra” offer (e.g., a monetary bonus upon accepting the job offer). In this field, it’s necessary not only to have a good understanding of technologies but also to be creative, understand people’s motivations, and know how to make the right impression.

What kinds of specialists are sought with the help of IT headhunting?

Typically, headhunting in IT is employed when the requirements for a position are high but there are not that many suitable candidates available. In such cases, recruiters and company managers understand the limitations of the market and utilize special tools to reach out to professionals and entice them to join their team.

Nick Kliestov photo
Mykola Kliestov
CTO at ITExpert

“The decision to resort to headhunting depends on the position’s requirements. Sometimes companies need rare expertise in implementing technical solutions. For example, a fintech company can develop a product similar to Monobank and lure employees from there.

There are also specific cases where it is advisable to use headhunting methods due to market constraints. We have experience searching for SAP engineers who use rare technologies, as well as Salesforce engineers (there were only 100 available experts in accessible locations). Managers and recruiters for such vacancies often know how many suitable specialists are in the market and can even provide a list of potential candidates.  However, reaching them and making them interested in your offer is not that easy. While working with such vacancies, you need to use special methods of engagement and personalized targeting.

Overall, headhunting is now a resource-intensive tool, so experienced recruiters will help determine when to use it and when it is better to simplify the requirements.”

IT headhunting with ITExpert: finding the best niche experts

ITExpert recruiters make professionals fall in love with the company during the headhunting process and make them an offer that is hard to refuse. We work with various positions needed in the IT field. We have the technical knowledge and experience in filling the most challenging vacancies: for example, a Clojure engineer or a senior Java developer from Western Europe who moved to Ukraine.


We are result-oriented. A database of 130 thousand candidates allows us to send you the first resumes just 3-5 days after starting the search.

Market experience. We have been searching for IT professionals since 2015 and have mastered various search tools and methods. This unique expertise enables us to provide you with the right recruitment solution.

CTO on our team, who will help analyze the position requirements and fine-tune the search to ensure you receive only relevant CVs.

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