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What does an IT recruitment consultation consist of?

IT recruitment is full of unique specifics: the challenges of finding candidates; different types of employment; determining salary ranges… Recruitment consultations help non-IT companies effectively hire developers, testers, and other technical professionals, and advise IT businesses on how to strengthen their employer brand and attract top talent.

Sometimes, IT recruitment can be inefficient due to some fundamental issues. For example, candidates don’t respond to job postings and ignore messages from your recruiters. During a consultation, you can identify any imbalances or issues in your benefits package and highlight the employer’s strengths to capture the attention of technical experts.

An IT recruitment consultation will help you:

  • Determine the current salary range for a specialist based on the position requirements.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the structure of the IT recruitment market and the processes involved in selecting technical candidates.
  • Develop a search strategy for a vacancy or make adjustments to the existing strategy if needed.
  • Provide up-to-date information on the benefits package (number of vacation days, sick leaves, medical insurance, and other bonuses).
  • Familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of hiring developers in Ukraine and other countries.
  • Learn how to build a remote team of IT professionals.
  • Understand the trends in IT recruitment.

Technical recruitment consultation for employers

One of the challenges in hiring developers is defining requirements in such a way that they filter out irrelevant specialists while still attracting a sufficient number of potential candidates to choose from. These basics of IT recruitment aren’t taught anywhere; it’s a unique task.

Nick Kliestov photo
Mykola Kliestov
CTO at ITExpert

“The following situation can often be found in the market: a client would like to switch to a new technology stack. It’s important for them to understand their options considering their current stack, scalability possibilities, and which solution would be more advantageous for hiring. In such cases, we provide data on the candidate market capacity for different technologies and share insights on trends, stage conversion rates, and time-to-hire.

Another scenario is when representatives of a company are not yet sure about the specific tools they need but have a general understanding of the tasks that need to be covered by a specialist on their project. In such cases, we will help create a job description and align it with the client. This is how we assisted a global commodity trading leader (a non-IT company) in defining technical position requirements to meet their business needs.

Sometimes, it is necessary to improve an existing job vacancy description if there aren’t enough applications. Then, we analyze what in the stack may cause difficulties. Finding compromise solutions can increase the candidate flow and save on hiring costs.

All of these situations require specialized expertise in both recruitment and IT, which can be provided by IT recruitment agencies.”

IT recruitment consultations: Why choose ITExpert?

We provide consultations to every client on how to best build their search strategy for a position. We also offer micro IT recruitment training to fine-tune processes effectively and provide advice on adjusting job requirements to increase the candidate pipeline.

For example, we advised an e-commerce leader in the cosmetics and perfumery niche on implementing QA automation, taking their tech stack and candidate hiring possibilities into consideration. We assisted a trading company in selecting a programming language for transitioning from Ruby to facilitate scalability. We also consulted non-tech companies on their benefits package and perks to help them stay competitive in the IT candidate market. And we are always ready to help new clients!

Here’s why clients trust us.


Development expertise and technical knowledge. Our CTO defines key position requirements, advises on technology stacks, and provides insights into candidate market volume.

In-house recruitment team. With over 40 recruiters, we develop and test effective search strategies and offer firsthand consultation on current working conditions.

Experience in the IT market. With seven years of experience, we have accumulated a vast base of knowledge and case studies that we can share with you.

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