Searching for IT Specialists for Product-based Companies

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Searching for IT Specialists for Product-based Companies

What specialists are needed in product-based IT companies?

A product-based IT company is a business that creates its own software product and promotes it among users. Well-known giants like Google, Microsoft, and Apple easily come to mind. Many renowned product-based IT companies were founded in Ukraine, including Reface, Preply, Grammarly, Petcube, DepositPhotos, MacPaw, Ajax, and many others.

In terms of hiring, what does it mean to be a product-based IT company? In addition to the openings for developers and other technical positions, product-based companies in the IT field often hire team leads, product owners, and product designers.

Furthermore, not every specialist will fit into the corporate culture of a product-based IT company. Hiring managers pay special attention to the so-called product mindset, and an interest in the company. The candidates themselves should be prepared to work on a single project (and technology stack) for an extended period of time. Recruiters should understand these nuances and effectively screen applicants.

Challenges of hiring for a product-based IT company

Many applicants want to list “IT product development company” on their resumes. Such companies are associated with stable employment, a team-oriented atmosphere, and the opportunity to make important decisions. However, hiring for this type of company is not easy. And here are the reasons why:

  • Busy internal recruiters, HR, and interviewers: Internal specialists often have quite a lot of other responsibilities and are unable to devote ample time to each candidate. As a result, it takes longer to fill a vacancy, and overall deadlines suffer.
  • Many different stages of detailed assessment and filtering of candidates. This puts off specialists and inefficiently wastes time on hiring.
  • Noticeable limitations of the talent market: If a product team works with an unpopular technology stack, finding new candidates becomes increasingly challenging over time.

All of these factors make it difficult for a product-based IT company to recruit and scale hiring.

Advantages of recruitment with ITExpert for product-based IT companies

Recruitment agencies reduce the workload of internal recruiters and make better use of hiring managers’ time by sending only the most relevant resumes. Furthermore, they must adapt to various client requirements as well as the peculiarities of a product-based IT company. For example:

  • Use the company’s unique tone of voice in communication with candidates to present the established employer brand favorably.
  • Organize hiring discreetly because of the peculiarities of internal processes.
  • Build recruitment for a small team from scratch: advise on how to conduct interviews, what stages are needed to select candidates, what to pay attention to, etc.
  • Strengthen the internal recruitment team during the scaling period.
  • Conduct additional screening to determine whether candidates are interested or proactive.
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Stas Shihov
CEO at ITExpert

“Scaling/lack of resources and the need to build hiring processes from scratch are two of the most popular requests among product-based IT companies. Vacancies can be open for a long time because recruitment is not optimized and does not work in a systematic fashion. External consultation can help identify areas for improvement.

Only a strong IT recruitment agency will adapt to the client’s wishes, advise managers on the best technical solutions, provide high-quality resumes on a regular basis, and act as part of the internal team. And ITExpert has such experience.”

Why choose ITExpert for hiring IT specialists for product-based companies?

We’ve been helping to hire specialists for product-based IT companies and adapting to the recruitment processes of our clients since 2015. We have experience recruiting developers for companies operating in various domains, including fintech, e-commerce, healthcare, Web3, IoT, machine learning, and many others. We work with languages ranging from Java to Ruby.


Expert team: On average, it takes up to six resumes from our agency to successfully fill a vacancy.

CTO on our team: Our CTO will help analyze the position requirements and fine-tune the search to ensure you receive only relevant CVs.

Candidate replacement guarantee: If a candidate does not meet expectations during the probationary period, we offer a replacement.

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