Recruiting non-technical specialists for IT companies

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Recruiting non-technical specialists for IT companies

Which job positions in IT can be called non-technical?

IT is not just about coding. Apart from technical positions (developer, DevOps or QA engineer), IT companies have a lot of specialists who help create and promote the product, for example, project managers or digital marketing specialists.

Usually, these IT professions that do not involve coding require specific skills and knowledge. PMs, for instance, focus on development estimates, while digital marketing specialists should be familiar with the ASO abbreviation if they work for a company that develops mobile applications.

Who is needed in IT companies besides IT specialists? Here are some titles of non-technical specialists that you can come across: 

  • Support representatives
  • Project managers
  • Product owners
  • Scrum masters
  • Business analysts
  • UI/UX designers
  • 2D/3D artists
  • Marketing managers
  • Copywriters
  • Technical recruiters
  • HR managers

Depending on the specifics of a business and its niche, there are other professions in IT that do not involve coding. For example, some large outsourcing and modern auditing companies have a position of an IT auditor. Such specialists are expected to understand the structure of the industry that the IT company operates in and its work principles. There are various types of vacancies in IT, and each of them requires a separate analysis as well as a specialized recruiting solution.

Where and how should you search for support representatives, project managers, product owners, scrum masters, business analysts, and UI/UX-designers?

Non-technical vacancies in IT are particularly challenging to fill. The specificity lies in the need to find top talent with relevant skills and experience, while filtering out a large number of irrelevant candidates.

In order to recruit such specialists, niche job boards, such as Djinni or Skyworker, can be especially helpful. Based on our experience, active sourcing on LinkedIn can also yield good results. However, one should bear in mind that you can also come across some candidates who do not meet all the requirements of a job opening. They need to be filtered out using keywords, the type of current employer, or special questions at the interview stage.

Sites for mass recruitment require more effort from the side of a recruiter, as employment opportunities in IT for non-programmers attract a large number of applicants. Sometimes, filtering them and generating feedback can be quite time-consuming while also failing to get suitable candidates in the pipeline.

Why should you order recruitment services from ITEхpert to fill non-technical vacancies?

Our team of over 40 in-house recruiters is ready to work on your vacancies. With a deep understanding of business processes and the needs of IT companies, we can deliver results in cases where it is necessary to find only top talent, filtering out quite a lot of irrelevant CVs. You can expect to receive the first resume within just 3-5 days of starting the search.

We have extensive experience in hiring a large number of non-technical specialists with fluent English under tight deadlines. For example, we filled more than 60 support vacancies within 3–4 months for one of our clients.


We are oriented toward achieving results quickly: our database consisting of 130 thousand candidates allows us to show the first resumes even after just 3-5 days after the start of the search. 

A Chief Technical Officer in our team will help analyze the requirements of vacancies and tweak the search so that you will get only relevant resumes.

We save your time and show you only the best candidates. On average, it takes up to six resumes from our recruiters to fill a job opening.

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