Scaling a team of IT-specialists

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Scaling a team of IT-specialists

Why should you scale an IT company?

Business scaling is a stage of rapid company growth caused, for example, by entering a foreign market or developing new products, features, or services. Most entrepreneurs are focused on expanding their business and making more profit at lower costs. Moreover, the revenue can be reinvested for even greater growth.

How should you scale your business? Companies at the growth stage are in a somewhat turbulent state. The cost of a mistake is high, and many factors must be considered, from changing the business model and technology stack to process automation to available resources for hiring new personnel. You cannot just set a goal to grow; you need to carefully plan all the details and build a system.

How and where can you find a large number of IT professionals?

Scaling a business in IT is especially challenging. You also need to take into account the limitations of the candidate market, as there are always more job offers than experienced professionals available. It is not enough to just post a job on a standard job board and wait for responses. You need to use various platforms, from Djinni to niche resources such as Github, create an attractive offer, and work on the employer’s brand.

At the same time, sourcing personnel, filtering resumes, and conducting interviews take a lot of time. Only some of these tasks can be delegated to an internal hiring specialist or outsourced to an agency. For example, technical interviews should be conducted by a team’s tech lead or senior developer, which is costly for the company, particularly if a successful hire is not made. It is important to work closely with recruiters and recruiting partners and communicate your tasks and needs. This way, you will not only get a large number of resumes but also strong candidates who will successfully pass the interview.

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Stas Shihov
CEO at ITExpert

“During business expansion, you need to keep in mind that the talent market has limitations. Depending on the role and job requirements, you can generate from 2 to 40 resumes per week. At the same time, after a while, the market will start to exhaust itself, and there will be fewer and fewer candidates.

Besides, the chaotic nature of the company’s processes usually complicates and prolongs recruiting, as the basic mechanisms are usually not yet established in all startups and scaleups.

Experienced recruiters and specialists of an IT recruitment agency will undoubtedly consult you on the potential capacity of the candidate market based on the number of people you need to hire for the company, the timeline, the skills required, and how appealing your offer is to IT specialists. It is important to consider all these factors while planning the company’s scaling.”

ITExpert’s experience in scaling teams of IT specialists

Since 2015, we have been assisting in the recruitment of IT professionals and adapting flexibly to our clients’ processes. We have provided recruitment and scaling support to companies such as Nextiva, Ring, Transcenda, and many others. We will advise you on how to scale your hiring efforts and improve candidate sourcing, freeing up your time to focus on global processes and business development. 


Professional Team: On average, it takes up to six resumes from our agency to successfully fill a vacancy. More than 40 recruiters are ready to work on your job openings right now.

Quick Results: With a database of 130,000 candidates, we can present the first resumes within 3-5 days of initiating the search.

CTO Expertise: Our team includes a CTO who will help analyze the position requirements and configure precise searches, ensuring you receive only relevant CVs.

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