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What is IT recruitment and who is an IT recruiter?

IT recruitment is the process of searching for and hiring technical specialists. It involves a hiring manager, candidates, and a recruitment manager. Let us take a closer look at the roles and responsibilities of an IT recruiter. 

This entire process is managed by a separate specialist. An IT recruiter is responsible for recruiting developers, DevOps engineers, QA, support, and other IT specialists. Typically, recruiters concentrate on communicating with the candidates, starting at the stage of creating a vacancy and ending with accompanying the specialist during onboarding. This is how the tasks and responsibilities may look: 

  • analyzing of requirements for the position and writing a brief together with the hiring manager;
  • creating a catchy description of the vacancy;
  • developing a sourcing strategy;
  • searching for candidates on various resources and posting vacancies on job boards;
  • filtering candidates, screening and evaluating resumes;
  • communicating with candidates on the ongoing basis and ensuring feedback;
  • accompanying and consulting candidates at the stage of making a job offer.

Sometimes, the capacities of internal technical recruiters are not sufficient due to rapid business expansion and a large number of vacancies. In such cases, companies enhance their results by using IT recruitment agencies, which are discussed further below.

What are the challenges of recruiting in IT?

Every year, the demand for software development is increasing worldwide. For instance, the IT Ukraine Association reports that the export of IT services from Ukraine increased by 10% in 2022, reaching 6 billion USD. On the other hand, there is a shortage of experienced IT professionals. That turns recruitment in the IT market into a war for talent. Companies are trying to entice IT specialists with high salaries, bonuses, and other perks, while prospective candidates are rarely actively looking for a new job.

Moreover, recruitment in IT can be a complex task in itself. It is not enough to simply post a job opening, wait for applications, and schedule interviews. It is imperative to know the structure of the IT technology market. Without this, recruiters may resort to looking for technical terms with the help of Ctrl+F and memorizing abbreviations, which, obviously, is far from a productive approach and negatively impacts the end result.  

For example, your team needs to find a C++ developer for creating server software. Normally, C++ is used to create firmware and desktop programs, and this is entirely different from what you need. This detail cannot be found in job descriptions, as it is obvious to the tech managers (it might be mentioned in the detailed project description). Only an experienced recruiter can understand the specifics and will clarify such nuances.

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When can an IT recruitment agency be useful?

IT recruitment agencies are B2B companies that provide services of searching for and recruiting programmers, testers, DevOps Engineers, and other positions in IT. In simpler terms, such agencies assist in finding IT professionals to fill positions at other companies. Their clients include product-based companies, start-ups, R&D centers, outsourcing and outstaffing companies, as well as non-IT companies at the stage of digitalization. 

IT recruitment agencies can concentrate on the first stages of the search for candidates (creating a job description, analyzing the market, as well as collecting contact information and resumes) or be responsible for the entire recruitment cycle, accompanying the candidate throughout the recruitment process, from initial contact to job offer. It all depends on the wishes of the client and the specifics of the business processes.

CEOs and founders of companies focus on business growth, while IT recruitment microprocesses are being increasingly delegated to external contractors. In addition to all the nuances of how to arouse interest in prospective candidates, IT recruitment companies help with the following:

  • strengthening resources for recruitment during the scale-up phase;
  • finding the most relevant candidates, taking into account programming languages, frameworks, other technologies, the domain and sphere of experience, as well as other requirements or preferences of the company;
  • optimizing the expenses on hiring, if, for instance, it is necessary to find a lot of candidates while the internal IT recruiter is partially busy with handling HR responsibilities and the company does not want to allocate a substantial budget for recruitment;
  • closing a very specific position or reaching out to cold candidates and getting their attention;
  • analyzing the requirements of the position, candidate market volume, the salary range, company’s brand, and recruitment funnel results.

Most often, recruitment agencies are hired to fill middle, senior, and managerial vacancies in IT; however, there are some exceptions. For instance, the development of embedded software or products that use blockchain technology involves numerous nuances, and expert assistance can optimize the recruitment process even for junior-level positions.

Vast experience in working with different positions helps recruitment agencies achieve successful results even when filling the most challenging job openings.

Why should you order IT recruitment services from ITExpert? 

Over its seven years of experience in IT recruitment, our team has developed specialized approaches to recruitment. This is how we work.


We are oriented toward achieving results quickly: our database consisting of 130 thousand candidates allows us to show the first resumes even after just 3-5 days after the start of the search. 

A Chief Technical Officer in our team will help analyze the requirements of vacancies and tweak the search so that you will get only relevant resumes.

We save your time and show you only the best candidates. On average, it takes up to six resumes from our recruiters to fill a job opening.

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Would you like to optimize IT recruitment in your company and fill your vacancies on time? Let us discuss the specifics of your positions!

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