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Top 5 Places for Finding IT Professionals in Ukraine

ITExpert team 03.05.2022
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Top 5 Places for Finding IT Professionals in Ukraine
Top 5 Places for Finding IT Professionals in Ukraine

Do you need more platforms for candidate searching? The ITExpert team reveals even unexpected places to find your best specialists! Some of them might sound familiar to you, but don’t doubt — you’ll find something new for sure! 😉

1. Job Boards

Are you surprised with the fact that we haven’t given LinkedIn the first prize? We bet you are! However, according to Dou, Djinni has surpassed LinkedIn in popularity in 2020, leaving the top priority to personal recommendations. By the way, the sample of the study was representative, almost 5,000 people took part in the survey.

Top 5 Places for Finding IT Professionals in Ukraine

Other job search websites such as and lost ground a little, compared to 2019, however, they have managed to get into the top 10 list.

2. Socials and Messengers

As follows from the above research, LinkedIn is still among the best performers. The reason for that is a convenient international search for candidates. This platform is tailored to the needs of recruiters and even has a Premium subscription for growing companies.

Other social networks are not intended for professional communication and involve a friendly network of contacts.

  • However, almost every organization has a branded Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page. Post your vacancy on socials to boost its visibility! Subscribers might share it with their friends. It may work as a basis for future personal recommendations.
  • Also, you can set up ads to target professionals in the region of your interest.
  • What’s more, recruiters commonly have large friend lists and can post a request for recommendations. 

Telegram gains more popularity among recruiters, developers, designers, and other professionals. Posts in some TG channels are free, and in private groups, you have to pay for that. Nevertheless, if you consider the paid option, such channels usually provide a more precise pool of candidates.

For example, you can try out @offer_ua or @itexpert_vacancies, or find other relevant channels.

Skype chats for recruiters have been successfully helping companies hire candidates for the last years, but with the emergence of Telegram, they have partly lost in popularity. To enter them, you need a personal invitation, so you may ask your fellow recruiters to invite you.

3. Specialized Informational Resources 

Finally, we have reached the point about the informational resources that have built-in platforms for job posting. Candidates may find your vacancy and respond to it.

For example, Dou has rubrics to make the search simpler. Companies post vacancy descriptions, lists of perks, advantages of working for them, and anything they like. People can send their CVs along with cover letters.

Top 5 Places for Finding IT Professionals in Ukraine

4. Professional Platforms and Communities

These platforms for developers allow to publish their pieces of code. Literally, it’s like Facebook for other people, where everyone can share their thoughts. All of them are valuable sources of information about potential candidates. Recruiters can check one’s position, current projects, location, and contact information. The best thing is that you can see the specialist’s work before offering them a test task, and also find candidates’ contacts.

Also, you can filter profiles based on programming languages and technologies or look for candidates in relevant topics, which simplifies your workflow. What’s more, some websites allow you to perform a Boolean search.

Also, you can look for developers in communities that work similarly:

5. Networking and Professional Events

  • Recommendations from people you know. Though this type of candidate searching appears to be the most effective, according to Dou’s study, we’ve left it for dessert. 🙂 Do you need a developer? Ask one of your friends who codes in this programming language for recommendations. It’s likely that people of a certain profession discuss their work with acquaintances and participate in community life.
  • Courses. Legions of students graduate from various IT courses. Many of them already have diplomas from the best Ukrainian technical universities. You may contact academies for sharing the contacts of their most talented graduates or even negotiate about holding a presentation about your company for students. At least, you can count on adding your vacancy to their newsletter.
  • Conferences, seminars, webinars, and other educational events. If your company takes part as a partner, you will be able to have a stand with your representative or to hold a short speech about your open vacancies. Also, no one canceled networking! The more people you talk to, the more contacts you’ll get, and the more personal recommendations you’ll be able to collect after the event.
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So, if you have a never-closing vacancy and want to get more results, look through our five recommendations. Have you tried all of them? If not, then go ahead and test your luck on these platforms! If yes, don’t hesitate and contact ITExpert — we’ll help you find perfect candidates within the shortest deadlines!

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