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There are tons of articles telling how to find a recruiter when you’re looking for a job. When it comes to finding a recruiter or recruiting agency when you’re a business owner in search for talented candidates, there’s no helpful information at all.

So, you are lucky to find this article, as before launching ITExpert, we – the project creators – were in your shoes. We spent thousands of hours, hundreds of days and dozens of months doing business, looking for experienced specialists to make everything grow. You might already know that people are the most valuable asset – they give life to ideas.

Without any doubt, you won’t follow our way and create your own recruiting agency (but who knows? :), so here are tips which come in use while searching for a suitable and effective recruiting agency, which won’t spend your time and money.

How to Find a Proper Recruiting Agency?

There are several recruiters’ habitats on the Internet:

1. Directories. Just like Yellow Pages, specialized websites with ratings and customer feedback like Clutch.co, Online Recruiters Directory, Recruiterly, Oya’s and others, help quickly find what you need. They offer filtering by geographical location, industry and even specialty of a person you want to hire via an agency.

2. TOP ratings. They are based on customers’ feedback, so if you trust others, feel free to use this tool. Here is an example of such kind of list on Clutch. Look for the best companies – they usually have 5 stars or marked as 5 or 5.0.

3. LinkedIn. This professional social network is great when you are looking for both recruiting agencies, individual recruiters and even candidates! Still, the latter takes a lot of time while delegating tasks to an agency is highly efficient.

4. Google and other search engines. We might have put this point to the top, as every modern person would first go and google ‘IT recruiters’, ‘recruiters US’, or ‘IT search firms in Israel’. Specify your location, industry and get what you need.

What is the downside of the 4 above-mentioned options?

You know nothing about these companies. Brief research of customer feedback and analyzing their recent activities is crucial, and this might take up to 1-2 business days if you are choosing among several recruiting agencies. You have to find out which vacancies they have closed, which tasks have resolved, what experience in general they have.

5. Personal recommendations. This point is the most time-saving, as you don’t need to act like Sherlock Holmes and manually search for reviews, success cases and ratings of each company. Having a recommendation implies knowing the name of an agency, a responsible manager working there, their prices for the service, average terms, and other conditions.

By the way, we hope that you got here by a personal recommendation of one of our numerous happy clients. If not, you can be the first to gain brilliant experience in quick and effective searching for candidates via our recruiting agency, so you’ll be able to recommend us to your colleagues. Keep in mind, we are always responsible for what we do, so we do our best to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Bonus Question List

To draw a bottom line, we’d like to share some tips on what to ask a recruiting agency for before starting your cooperation:

– How long have you been operating in the IT recruiting market?
– Do you have a technical specialist who will be able to conduct a preliminary screening of candidates?
– How many client companies do you have at the moment?
– What vacancies and how many of them have been closed successfully?
– How many successful cases (closed vacancies) did your recruiters have last month?
– Can I find your clients’ feedback or recommendations somewhere on the Internet?

Thank you all who have read my tips on how and where to search for an optimal recruiting agency. We hope these were useful and you’ll find the best fit.

If you have more questions, contact us anytime – we are always glad to help! 😉

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