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9 Reasons Why Work with Recruitment Agencies Is Worth Every Dollar

ITExpert team 06.04.2022
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9 Reasons Why Work with Recruitment Agencies Is Worth Every Dollar
Why Work with Recruitment Agencies Is Worth Every Dollar

We’ve already discussed the pros and cons of various types of hiring – outsourcing, outstaffing and addressing recruiting agencies. If you’ve chosen the latter and are wondering whether this decision is correct, you’re in the right place at the right time! The ITExpert team is here to tell you what you pay for and why this is beneficial for your business.

Why Do You Need a Recruiting Agency?

From our experience, organizations seek help from specialized companies in the following cases:

  • Rapid growth, when you need to hire many professionals in several weeks.
  • Difficult positions with a limited number of professionals, when you need to lure candidates.
  • Strengthening the forces of in-house recruiters who, for whatever reason, do not have enough time or resources to close all vacancies.
  • Cutting recruiting costs, as agencies are almost always cost-efficient.

What Do You Pay For?

1. Deep Knowledge of the Market

Recruiting agencies cooperate mainly with Middle and Senior recruiters. Sure, they employ Juniors as well, however, they have access to their colleagues’ experience and professional tools for market monitoring. All this speeds up their education and contributes to high results.
In most cases, several recruiters work on each vacancy simultaneously, so you can be sure that they know what is going on in the market and where to find suitable candidates.

2. Understanding of Technology

No agency will hire an IT recruiter who can’t distinguish Java from JavaScript and a car from a carpet. 🙂 You can sleep well and be sure that they will find relevant candidates considering your requirements.
By the way, one of the owners of ITExpert is also our CTO, so he can advise recruiters on any technical question. There are no impossible tasks for us!

3. Absence of Reputational Risks

Recruiters from agencies are very careful with everything connected to your brand. They are polite and accurate in communication. They know how to find an approach to candidates so that later they do not write bad reviews about your company.

Moreover, the name of the company can be kept secret, revealing to potential employees only the topic of the project and the necessary data for making a decision.

4. Additional Consultations

The expertise of professional recruiters opens up new opportunities for you as business owners. They can advise you on current HR trends, brand presentation to potential employees, and technical questions. They can even recommend ideas for improving your vacancies so that they close faster.
These people can explain complex things in simple human terms, so you won’t wonder whether another CV suits your requirements.

9 Reasons Why Work with Recruitment Agencies Is Worth Every Dollar

5. Effective Sourcing and Screening

Well-tested tools and methods of finding candidates and checking whether they suit your vacancy will save your time. Our recruiters are true professionals at distinguishing real from fictional experiences. And it doesn’t take the entire trial period – just a few minutes! You receive only proven resumes.

6. Conducting Preliminary Interviews

Save your time for important business things – delegate preliminary interviews to recruiting agencies. We’ll transfer to your in-house recruiters and HRs only those people who will be suitable for the vacancy with a 90% probability. This allows you to weed out those who have a good resume in hard skills but have weak soft skills. Also, it may turn out that a person has worked with a certain technology in a team and needs to improve their knowledge and skills.

7. Conducting Additional Tests

Written and spoken English is a must-have for every international company. Our recruiters are ready to test the language skills of suitable candidates if this is essential for your company. Also, we can conduct any other tests (technical or psychological). Just tell us what you need to know!

8. Processing Objections

Professional recruiters with years of experience know how to work with candidates’ “No-s”. This is crucial when you need a rare specialist and all of them are already hired by competitors. Don’t hurry up to get upset, as we are ready to negotiate and to persuade cold candidates to warm contact and, in the end, get a positive response from them!

9. Guaranteed Replacement of Candidates

After hiring, candidates need to pass a probation period. If something happens and you realize that the candidate we’ve found for you doesn’t cope with all the tasks or doesn’t suit your corporate culture (unfortunately, this can happen too), we find a new candidate for you. You don’t pay for a replacement, as it’s our mission to make you satisfied with the results, and your business flourish.

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