In the IT world, where people are of the highest value to companies, where it takes a long time and effort to find experienced and highly-motivated specialists, many companies face a problem… Sometimes, developers quit without saying a word. For managers and team leaders, this can be surprising. Still, there’s no wonder that technical specialists rarely discuss their thoughts with their teams.

This is the right time when HR professionals have enough power to make the best developers stay at the company. Like psychologists, they forecast what people think and can offer them ways to get out of crises.

For you to know what to pay attention to, these are the most widespread reasons for developers’ quitting:

1. Boring Projects

Taking into consideration the developers’ work which requires a lot of concentration and a serious approach, boring projects are #1 among reasons for leaving a company. Dozens of recruiters are looking for Senior developers and they are eager to offer something more interesting and challenging. 

Still, everything depends on one’s preferences and hobbies. We doubt that a developer who’s fond of video games would like to work for years on a fintech project and on the contrary. 
This is an important thing for HRs to keep in mind. Always ask people about their interests before making them an offer. If your project meets them, your company probably will benefit from the diligence of a person who enjoys the work.


2. Lack of Challenge

Ambitious experts are looking not only for a job and a good salary but for interesting fascinating tasks. They want to develop and grow with the project.

Imagine whether you’d like routine and unchallenging work… It’s doubtful. No one wants to stay on the Junior level after 5 years of working in IT.

What’s more, challenges lead to improvements, both professional and personal growth, which is highly motivating for many professionals.

3. Lack of Appreciation

Developers are often stay behind the curtains, and people notice activities or PR and commercial teams mainly. Still, the whole products appear on the market thanks to tech specialists. That’s why management and HRs should work with that. Developers are common people although they seem over-serious at work. Giving compliments and encouragement can work well.

Moreover, financial appraisals are highly effective. Promotions, moving the career ladder is what keeps IT specialists motivated and ready to take the next challenge.

4. Wrong Environment

The worst nightmare of every developer is being surrounded by people who are completely different from them. Staying in one team with others and having no one to talk to won’t lead to positive results.

This might be an issue for a developer feeling odd in a particular team or even the whole company! The point is in finding out whether it’s a communicational problem of one specialist or an issue with the company’s corporate culture.

5. Stressful Working Conditions


This is about unprofessional management when people always work under pressure. Imagine that your manager every day tells you that they have new tasks which need to be completed until evening, and the most reasonable timeframe for dealing with it is 2-3 days! Constant overtimes, too high expectations from the management, no room for creativity and lack of free space result in stress, and later – conflicts and even crisis situations. 

6. Burnouts at Work

Many of mentioned-above reasons cause burnout which might sneakily come to a developer. Today, you can try to cope with a dozen tasks and think that it’s okay, and tomorrow, you’ll hate your job and surprise your manager with your quit. Sure, this is preceded by burning deadlines, stress, lack of proper motivation and many other negative things cause this. Still, many of them are inevitable for office workers, and the only way to cope with this issue – HRs’ help.

Knowing the needs of tech specialists is key in preventing the point when developers don’t feel ready to continue their effective work. However, if a person decided to leave and try their skills in a new project, you can hardly change their decision, though, this is necessary to keep in mind!

How to Keep the Best Developers?

To attract the best IT professionals and keep them interested in working for you in the long run, consider the following:

    •  Pay attention to the personal goals of every employee.
    • Use the correct motivation.
    • Establish an open dialogue to know what people want.
    • Pay attention to the technology one wants to work with.
    • Give employees more autonomy.
    • Set them free from bureaucracy – no one likes this.
    • Keep an eye on the corporate culture and the climate in each team.

Also, to become a dream company, offer people working with innovations, let them show their creativity, create the most comfortable environment in the office. This is what distinguishes tech giants of Silicon Valley that are preferred by developers from new small companies.

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