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Why is Betting on the Developers in Eastern Europe the Way to Go?

ITExpert team 10.08.2022
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Why is Betting on the Developers in Eastern Europe the Way to Go?
Why is Betting on the Developers in Eastern Europe the Way to Go

According to the McKinsey survey, 87% of companies are experiencing talent gaps. So far, there are no signs of reversing this trend. In the face of omnipresent digital transformation and robotization, the skills gap will only be deepening.

Have you tried to hire IT specialists in Eastern Europe yet? This region came into play with talented software engineering talent in the past few years. Ukraine, Poland, and Romania account for a combined about 5% share of the global IT outsourcing market. Hiring experts from this region is a great way to fill the labor gap and welcome a real “IT unicorn” on board. Established tech giants like Microsoft, IBM, and Google have started hiring programmers in Eastern Europe.

Let’s have a closer look at why hiring developers from this region can bring several benefits to your company, and what tips on how to ensure fruitful collaboration you can use to hire top technical talent.

Why Choose Eastern Europe for Hiring?

The Eastern European market is undergoing a significant transformation. One of the reasons is that doing business in russia and belarus has become unprofitable due to sanctions and reputational risks. In order to find replacements for the specialists who remain in these countries, to ensure business sustainability through a wider geographic presence, and to enable further scaling, large technology companies are betting on expanding the number of their branches in other countries of the region, as well as organizations from all over the world. So they are hiring specialists from other countries in Eastern Europe.

Eastern Europe is home to nearly a million top-notch IT geeks. The region delivers IT specialists who are passionate about their jobs and are engaged in providing excellent service. What is so special about Eastern European developers?

  • They hold high positions in tech-related rankings—from the best IT freelancers to the best tech skills rankings.
  • 70% of IT specialists from Eastern Europe are at least at B1–B2 English level. This enables easy integration with international US, Canada, Australia teams, etc. 
  • They have a great technical education. Every year, thousands of well-prepared young men and women complete their studies and are ready to join the IT market.
  • Most Eastern European developers are skilled in more than one programming language and other IT disciplines.
  • The EE Region, and Ukraine in particular, offers some of the most affordable cost ratios, with no compromise on the quality of the service. For example, the average IT salary increases by $71.342 in the US. In Ukraine, it is $30.000 per year; and in Hungary, it’s $20.000 per year. 
cost ratios for developers in Eastern Europe

Source: daxx.com

Top Eastern European Countries to Hire Software Developers

We bring the top four EE countries to hire technical talent from.

  1. Poland

Poland’s tech industry generates over 29% of jobs in the Polish labor market, with over 250.000 developers. In 2019, the IT market revenue in Poland reached $11.79 billion. Predictions estimate that by 2021 the revenue will grow up to $12.1 billion.

There are 18 technical universities located in Poland with over 74.000 ICT students. It is also one of the most proficient countries in using English on a daily basis.

Poland is the home of many tech start-ups such as the social learning network Brainly, the service for adventure planning, productivity and geo-marketing Wanda Maps, and the online healthcare booking platform DocPlanner. The number of startups in Poland is already over 3000. The most prospective industries in the development of the local IT sector for 2022 are FinTech, Blockchain, Healthcare, Automotive, and Gaming.

  1. Ukraine

Before 2022, the IT industry in Ukraine was growing by 27% annually. The export of software development services was estimated at $6.8 billion as per January 2022.

The country was ranked third in the world for its number of IT specialists and was named Outsourcing Destination of the Year in 2017 by the Global Sourcing Agency (GSA). Over 100 Fortune 500 companies, including Google and HP, outsource IT services to Ukrainian companies. It is also home to R&D centers for Samsung, Oracle, Google, Siemens, and Huawei.

Global companies with R&D in Ukraine

The country boasts more than 170.000 IT specialists. Ukraine Invest predicts this number will reach 250.000 by 2025. It means an average growth of 4–5%. The most popular technologies are JavaScript, Java, C#, Python, and PHP. Increasing mobile usage also results in the growth of mobile development.

According to IT Ukraine Association, the IT industry in this country is still solvent and financially stable—despite the full-scale war. Up to 80% of software development companies minimized the effects of the war, recovered successfully, and continued to support their ongoing relationships with clients from the USA, the UK, Israel, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, etc.

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GSC Game World, Reface, Preply, Ajax, Grammarly, Petcube, DepositPhotos, CleanMyMac, People.ai—we are daily users of software created by Ukrainians.

  1. Romania

Over 190.000 IT specialists are working for 20.000 companies across the country, with an annual increase of around 7.000 new graduates. Software outsourcing has accounted for around 5% of the country’s GDP (around $4.2 billion), and HackerRank placed it in the top 20 countries with quality developers.

Some of the most popular programming languages used for software development are PHP, Java, JavaScript, Python, and C#. In addition, one of the leading areas of expertise is .NET development. The Romanian market provides assistance with cloud development, IoT development, Artificial intelligence, data management, and BI & big data solutions.

Some of the most famous Romanian startups include CyberGhost VPN, Docbook, and Clever Taxi.

  1. Czechia

The Czech Republic is ranked among the world’s top 10 best-protected countries against cyberattacks. That is no surprise, seeing as how the antivirus company Avast was created in Prague.

There are about 150.000 ICT specialists here, with over 7.000 annual new graduates. Plus, Czechia has a high university enrolment rate (around 64%), with the two preferred courses being Science and Engineering & Technology.

The most popular programming languages in the country include Java, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL. The Czech Republic also is home to some of the most renowned startups like Avast, Y Soft, GoodData, and Socialbakers.

Steps for Hiring IT Talent in Eastern Europe

If you are looking for IT talent, but are completely confused about what to do next, you are in luck. These steps will become a guide so you can be sure to get the best candidate for the job.

  1. Candidate profile definition. Before you start your search, take some time to decide who you want to have on your team. Perhaps you need motivated junior staff or, on the contrary, it is more important for you that the specialist be a pro in his field and quickly join the work process.

If you have difficulties defining the profile of the ideal candidate, do not hesitate to contact recruiting agencies. Experienced professionals will be able to understand who you are looking for by asking leading questions about your project and your business needs.

  1. Don’t wait for candidates to respond, look them up. There are quite a few channels in IT recruiting: LinkedIn, Github, Skyworker, etc.
  1. Check skills, domain knowledge, and the candidate’s experience. How many of the skills from your list of skills necessary to your project does the candidate have? Does the candidate have experience in your area?
  1. Make the best offer (and the sooner the better). Any delay and the candidate will leave for another company. This is a bitter truth, but as they say, forewarned is forearmed. More tips on how to attract first-rate candidates and get them engaged, we’ve prepared in this article.

Some other things to consider include communication skills and cultural fit. Being able to communicate effectively between at-home teams and Eastern European teams is important to avoid (and resolve if needed) misunderstandings as well as to discuss the result and possible mistakes effectively. Be sure to check, if your potential partner has the same values as you do.

How ITExpert Can Help Your Business with Talent Sourcing

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The recruitment process without ITExpert can look like this:

  • You spend a lot of time searching,
  • Limit yourself to a few job sites,
  • You lose money on long searches,
  • You’re wasting time, money, and opportunities because of rookies who don’t pass the probationary period.

The ITExpert team includes experts who bring deep knowledge of programming languages and understanding of their clients’ business processes to the table. We leave no stone unturned: LinkedIn, GitHub, XING, Stack Overflow, Behance, Dribbble, AmazingHiring, Kaggle, social networks, job sites.
Our main goal is not just to close a vacancy for our client, we immerse ourselves in the specifics of the HR function of the business and help build a strong and effective team. Ready to skyrocket tour hiring processes? Give us a shout, let’s discuss your project!

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